Stephanie's Small World

Welcome to 🌳Stephanie's Small World🌳, allow me to introduce myself and  share a bit more about me; 

🌳I'm a mom of 2 (Lucie - Feb.2017, Levi - Jan. 2021)
🌳I'm an elementary school French teacher
🌳I met my husband at 6 years old in first grade, we are almost 7 years married 👰🏽🤵🏽
🌳I am French Canadian and Portuguese (My dad is a first generation immigrant)
🌳I am Bilingual (French and English)

More fun facts about me:
🌳I am a bit of a ☕ Starbucks addict... (I used to work as a Barista)

🌳🍣Sushi is my FAV FOOD, Salmon Sashimi specifically, could eat it all day

🌳I'm a vocalist part time and have performed at weddings, celebrations, funerals, hockey games, my biggest audience was just over 3000 people.

🌳I've had bangs since 2007, my husband says they are part of my identity now, I can't part with them 🤣

🌳My favourite colour is yellow because it's a happy colour! 💛💛💛💛💛💛 and also Robin's egg blue!

🌳I love to tablescape and set a nice table, I guess that's my adult-sensory bin.

🌳 Most importantly I'm just a regular mama. My house is often in chaos, the dishes aren't always clean, I spend my days tending to a baby  and chasing after my spicy 4 year old but I wouldn't have it any other way. 💚

🌳So when you purchase from Stephanie's Small World, know that each item is carefully prepared by hand by this mom with lots of 💚LOVE💚 and care. Thank you for supporting this mama and her family during this crazy ride called LIFE. We are so grateful for your business 💚

🌳💚Welcome to Stephanie's Small World!💚🌳